I realized the stones I picked resonated with my current state, a truly special aspect. —— Amber, founder of sutalk


請問妳何時、如何開始 sutalk 這個品牌?能否描述妳對礦石的情有獨鍾?
How and when did you start the brand sutalk? What fuels your particular affection for minerals and ores?

大概在 2018 年剛開始接觸身心靈領域的時候,單純覺得礦石很漂亮,就把打工的錢都拿去買礦石,但那時大家對礦石的認識還很少,就會被身邊的人取笑。終於在 2020 年因為囤積許多石頭的櫃子放不下了,才開始 sutalk 這個品牌,與大家分享礦石。


It was around 2018, at the dawn of my exploration into the mind-body-spirit realm, that I found minerals irresistibly beautiful and started buying them with my part-time job earnings. Back then, people knew little about minerals and often mocked my fascination. By 2020, my overflowing collection led to the birth of sutalk, sharing these stones with others.

What's mesmerizing about minerals is their millennia-long journey through geological and climatic pressures to become what they are today. After collecting them for a while and delving into chakras, I realized the stones I picked resonated with my current state, a truly special aspect.

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What are your methodologies or principles in selecting minerals and ores?


When selecting minerals, I trust my intuition to choose the ones that shine for me. They radiate a warm energy, comforting even in their sharpest forms. If I were to give some advice to first-time mineral selectors, try putting back the stone that first catches your eye. If it keeps calling to you, bring it home. Trust your gut more in making choices.

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How has the journey of embracing and sharing your finds become your inspiration?

將礦石上架到商店以後,開始收到一些客人的回饋,發現我與客人都在經歷相同的課題,他們會與我分享礦石如何在一些狀況之中陪伴他們或帶給他們安慰,我才發現,那些課題正是自己在挑選那顆礦石時遭遇的課題。礦石似乎成為了將我與客人相連的媒介,在陪伴我經歷過一些課題以後,他們透過 sutalk 遇到同樣需要這份能量的人們。

After listing the stones in my shop, I began receiving feedback from customers who were navigating similar challenges as I was. They shared how the stones comforted them, and I realized that these were the same challenges I faced when choosing those stones. The minerals became a medium connecting me with customers, meeting others who needed the same energy after accompanying me through the journey.

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Connecting with nature is an innate driving force in humans. Could you share your own story of connecting with nature through minerals?


Sometimes, when I walk into a forest, I feel certain spots holding a clean energy that comforts me. I notice how calm and present I become, free from anxiety about the past or future.

rhyme select interview sutalk

rhyme select interview sutalk


We believe that rhymes adorn our dialogues and daily lives with pleasure. Could you describe a moment in your life that you would call your “Rhyme”?


After running the brand for a while, I was shipping out many orders daily, sometimes up to a hundred minerals in the same day. Time flew, and I often found myself in a state of flow, eagerly anticipating the minerals reaching those destined to meet them. Seeing them bond well with the stones brought me immense satisfaction. That moment, perhaps, is my closest experience of a “Rhyme”.

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Notes From Amber

也想跟大家解釋一下,為什麼 sutalk 沉寂了一段時間。主要是因為越來越多人在銷售礦石,這件事逐漸形成一個產業,同時也象徵著人們愈來愈願意正視自己的心理狀態,當然這並沒有不好,但有時會看到一些銷售假貨或是投機暴利的現象出現在市場上,會讓我覺得消費者的信任感正在被消耗。在礦石市場處於白熱化的狀態下,我決定先半引退,希望人們能稍微冷卻一些,思考自己購買礦石的原因,而非只想透過礦石的功效解決自己面臨的問題。

I'd like to explain why sutalk has been quiet for a while. As more people started selling minerals and forming an industry, it symbolized an increased willingness to confront one's mental state. While this isn't bad, the rise of counterfeit sales and opportunistic profiteering in the market led to a frustration of consumer trust. In this heated market, I chose to step back, hoping people would cool down and reflect on their reasons for purchasing minerals, rather than seeking quick solutions through their properties.

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