Vague Vase

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#RHYMEOBJECT collection
co-create with Argot Studio.

自手繪曲線發展出的 3D 列印花器。
A vase drew by hand, 3D modeled and refined with 3D printing technology.


H: 15 x W: 15.6 cm


100% 玉米澱粉樹酯,可生物降解的生物質
PLA 100% biodegradable biomass derived from corn


Vague Vase (Chalk) 使用白堊色的玉米澱粉樹酯製成。其製作過程利用 3D 列印技術製作出石材般的表面紋理。
Vague Vase (Chalk) is printed using a chalk-white PLA. The stone-like texture has developed during the 3D printing process.

Vague Vase (Transparent) 使用透明的玉米澱粉樹酯製成。其製作過程使用了極為纖細的 3D 列印技術,因此也較為薄且脆弱。
Vague Vase (Transparent) is printed using a transparent PLA. It is printed very finely in order to achieve the transparency level, therefore is delicate.


If using as a vase, recommend dried flowers only.