Rhyme Handmade Book Tote

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W: 22 x H: 28 cm
Stripe: 50 cm


純棉胚布 cotton calico


可肩背的設計,能完美裝進一本偏厚的 25 開本書籍,例如村上春樹的《世界末日與冷酷異境》。布包前方備有兩口袋隔層,能裝進智慧型手機,亦能隔開書本、收納瑣碎。

Small tote that perfectly fits a common 25K book. Makes a great home for both regular or thicker sizes. For your information, 《Thinking Fast And Slow》by Daniel Kahneman found itself comfortable in the tote. Two pockets at the front, to separate your keys and other small stuffs from your book.