Kylie Hand Knit Scarf

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#RHYMEOBJECT collection
Co-create with Atelier February by Sophia.

Inspired by sweater throwing around shoulders, a short scarf with pull-through details.


W: 15 X L: 75 cm (±1cm)


60%羊毛 60%Wool
20%羊駝毛 20%Alpaka
10%聚醯胺纖維 10%Polyamid
10%尼龍纖維 10%Nylon


使用德國漢堡在地毛線廠生產的毛線。手工製品,存在些微誤差。由於手織過程,紗線張力不似機器編織平均,可能出現小於 0.5 cm 的線頭,屬正常現象。

Using yarns from local factory in Hamburg, Germany. Handcraft goods, with slight inaccuracy. Due to the uneven tension the yarns take during the hand-weaving process, thread ends found under 0.5 cm are consider as natural condition.


Generally, you don't have to wash woollen product. 
If you need to clean, you can use laundry detergent for wool / fragile.