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Futura Mobile

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Work by Flensted Mobiles based in Denmark. Futura is nothing less than the first mobile Ole Flensted designed, back in 1970.

This classic model brought something modern and abstract into the universe of Flensted Mobiles. Is Futura a constellation of six planets and their moons in constant motion? Or a symbol of the light and dark sides of the human mind?

The Futura Mobile follows the style of the time with natural colours of balls in beech wood balls and golden lines.


H: 35 x W: 75 cm (Installed)


櫸木 beech wood
不銹鋼線 stainless steel wire
尼龍線軸 nylon string


/please note/


Install in a place out of direct sunlight as it may cause discolouration. Do not install outdoors. Install indoors in a place where the wind does not hit directly.