Berenice Earrings

售價 價格 $1,500.00 定價 單價  每 



L: 5.8 cm


鍍金黃銅 gold plated brass pendant
椰殼片飾 coconut bead
原木飾 wood bead


此限量耳飾,於 Project Bon 在巴賽隆納的工作室手工製作,並呈現出自然材質、大地原色的絕佳平衡感。

Done handmade in a limited edition from Project Bon studio in Barcelona. The earrings are featuring a balance of natural materials and neutral color palettes.


主要由鍍金黃銅組成,Project Bon 的耳飾會自然地隨著接觸空氣、油脂及髒汙緩緩氧化,頻繁使用的狀態下,鍍金逐漸變淡屬正常現象。延長鍍金壽命,建議避免接觸水、化學藥劑、香水,而僅以棉布輕拭即可。

Project Bon's work is mainly crafted with gold-plated brass metal. These metals allow for a natural tarnish to develop when exposed to air, oil, and dirt. With common wear, plating usually wears off.

To maintain your plating for longer, avoid water, don't clean with chemicals, only wipe with a cotton cloth and avoid spraying perfume on jewelry.